MoldFlow Analysis

Mold flow analysis:

Mold flow predicts accurately the behaviour of plastic materials under different processing conditions and design parameters. We have the full suite of Moldflow software modules to perform a variety of analysis procedures which enables our customers to save on materials, process time, processing costs and to optimize design.

We have carried out analysis for:

  • 1. Fill Analysis
  • 2. Flow Analysis
  • 3. Cool Analysis
  • 4. Warp Analysis

Moldflow Analysis is carried out to achieve:

  • 1.Optimization of material usage
  • 2.Optimization of Process Parameters
  • 3.Optimization of Cycle time
  • 4.Optimization of Gate location, Feed System and Cooling circuitry
  • 5.Prediction of defects and suggestions to overcome / avoid the same
  • 6.Warpage prediction and suggestions for minimizing warpage

According to The mould requirement specification and HelloMold's standard for final design of the tooling. HelloMold will giving you the best advice for your tool making(manufacturing) process. At this stage, a GA (general assembly) drawing is produced. Approval of the general assembly drawing, Start the tooling process.

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