1.How do you represent Hellomold Industrial LTD,.?

Hellomold is a professional mold maker with global mold services. We can provide high quality injection mold and exactitude Die-casting in China.

2. How many employees does hellomold have?

There are about 260 employees in hellomold.

3.How many square meters is the plant of hellomold?

Our plant is more than 15,000 square meter.

4.Does your company have Quality Control System?

Yes, we have quality control system. ISO9001.2001

5.Are Cpk values calculated and used for evaluation and improvement?

Yes, we use Cpk for evaluation and improvement.

6.What industries do you serve?

Automotive, Electrical Household, OA, Audio, Mobile phone and Medicine Instrument etc

7.What size molds can you build?

Moulds up to a product length of 2.5 meter and up to 20 tons weight.

8.What type of CAD Files is acceptable for Hellomold?

IGS, STEP, X_T, PRT, DWG, STL, DXF, PDF etc. CAD formats are acceptable for us.

9.What standard mold can we build?

We can build both Metric standard and Inch standard mold. It will be up to the requirements of the customer.

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